Queen Square Dizzy Course Programme 2017

Date: Tuesday 6th – Friday 9th June 2017

Venue: 33 Queen Square lecture theatre, Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG

Day One                 Tuesday 6th June

Morning session – Vestibular science basics in a clinical context

9.00am      Welcome and opening remarks

9.15am       Anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system in clinical context overview (Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou)

10.00am     The vestibular test battery and how to use it (Dr Rosalyn Davies)

10.45am     Coffee break

11.15am     Clinical examination of the patient with vertigo and imbalance (Dr Raj Nandi)

11.45am     Overview of the diagnostic approach for dizziness and imbalance (Prof Linda Luxon)

12.30pm    Lunch

Afternoon session – Common Vestibular Disorders: evidence based practice and research update

1.30pm         Vestibular neuritis (Dr Charlotte Agrup)

2.00pm         Positional vertigo (Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou)

2.30pm         Meniere’s disease (Dr Charlotte Agrup)

3.00pm         Coffee break

3.30pm         Vestibular Migraine (Dr Louisa Murdin)

4.00pm         Central vertigo overview (TBC)

4.30pm         Chronic dizziness (Prof Linda Luxon)

5.00pm        Questions and discussion

5.15pm         Day close

Day Two           Wednesday 7th June 

Morning session –Noteworthy vestibular disorders

9.00am       Opening remarks

9.15am        video Head Impulse Testing (Prof Michael Halmagyi)

10.15am      Superior Canal Dehiscence syndrome (Prof Shakeel Saeed)

10.45am      Coffee break

11.15am      Vestibular Paroxysmia (Prof Floris Wuyts)

11.45am      Children with vestibular disorders (Dr Waheeda Pagarkar)

12.30pm      Elderly and imbalance (Dr Joanna Lawson)

13.15pm      Lunch

Afternoon session                                                                                                           

2.15pm   Practical hands on workshop at The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital

5.30pm   Day close

Day Three             Thursday 8th June 

Morning session –Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

9.00am       Opening remarks

9.15am      Vestibular physiotherapy, the basics (Ms Amanda Male)

10.00am    Advanced vestibular physiotherapy (Dr Marousa Pavlou)

10.45am    Coffee break

11.15am     Rehabilitation of the vestibular patient, practical advances and practical tips and the evidence (Prof Sue Whitney)

12.00pm    Overview of psychiatric disorders and the vestibular patient (Prof Jeffrey Staab)

12.45pm     Cognitive behavioural therapy (Dr David Scott)

1.15pm        Lunch

Afternoon session –Case studies: common, unusual, challenging                

2.00 pm       Case studies (Prof Michael Halmagyi)

2.30 pm        Case studies (Prof Floris Wuyts)

3.15 pm         Coffee break

3.45 pm         Case studies (Prof Michael Gleeson)

4.00 pm         Case studies (Prof Måns Magnusson)

4.15 pm        Case studies (Prof Jeffrey Staab)

4.45 pm       Case studies (Ms Amanda Male)

5.30pm          Day close

Day Four              Friday 9th June

Morning session

9.00am           Opening remarks

9.15am           Computer based/facilitated advances in vestibular rehabilitation (Prof Sue           Whitney)

10.00 am        EMBalance- A Diagnostic Decision Support System (Doris-Eva Bamiou)

10.20am         MRI in vestibular disorders (Prof Floris Wuyts)

10.40am         Coffee break

11.00am          Cervical Dizziness and elderly  (Prof Måns Magnusson)

11.45am          Cognitive function, dual task gait and patients with vestibular Disorders (Dr Marousa Pavlou)

12.15am           The vestibular patient with traumatic brain injury (Dr Barry Seemungual)

1.00pm              Lunch

Afternoon session                 

1.45pm                 Keynote lecture ” VEMP testing” (Prof Michael Halmagyi)

2.30pm                Keynote lecture “Functional brain imaging of vestibular-anxiety pathways in health and illness.” (Prof Jeffry Staab)

3.15pm                Questions and discussion

4 00pm                Course close